Disclaimer & Terms of Use

Behold's goal is to provide search access to high quality images that are openly available online. Some of these images may be used free of charge subject to varying restrictions (see creativecommons.org website for more information). By continuing to use the Behold website you agree that the owners of Behold disclaim any responsibility for your actions related to your use of this website. In particular, you agree to the following disclaimers:

1. If you use an image found through the Behold website, it is your responsibility to verify the license conditions of that image on the site that hosts the image (e.g. Flickr). Behold does not host any of the images that it may return in the search results. Furthermore, Behold does not officially represent any of the image photographers and/or composers, nor does it represent the websites that host their works.

2. Please note that the license conditions for a given image may have changed since Behold indexed it. You are therefore strongly advised to verify the image license conditions yourself prior to using it. While every effort is made to ensure that Behold's index is up-to-date, Behold owners are not legally responsible for the accuracy of the license information that Behold stores about an image.

3. Images of identifiable persons, private property or trademarks have additional legal usage constraints. You must ask the photographer whether his or her image contains any such subjects. As a matter of course, Behold does not provide information about the presence of such subjects in images. You are solely responsible for observing any further legal requirements the presence of these or any other subjects may entail.

4. Behold owners cannot be held responsible for third party use of images found through the Behold website. Furthermore, Behold owners are not entitled to authorise you to use the images in any way. It is your responsibility to observe copyright and other applicable laws in your place of residence.

5. No part of this document can be considered to be legal advice.

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